After a year or more of calling people idiots in the comment sections of various blogs, I decided to start a permanent(?) home for my misanthropy. Here, in the comfort of my very own blog, I can call people idiots at length, without any worries about unfair, vitriolic abuse landing in moderation.

I may occasionally post something other than mindless invective.

Politically, this blog is part of the manosphere/alt-right. Editorial positions are:

  • Catholicism Yay!
  • Feminism Boo!
  • Fuck Communism
  • Sexism Yay!
  • Racism Boo!
  • (But racial differences are real)
  • Only the dead have seen the end of war
  • It is every man’s duty to look out for himself
  • A man’s best future is probably outside the West

Subject to change without notice.

You can e-mail me at: twenty [dot] [20 as a 6-digit binary number] [at] gmail [dot] com

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