Engineering vs. Law

As a Western man, it’s important to never lose sight of the fact that your culture hates you. Consider the question of male/female representation in various fields of study.

Law School

From an interview with Edward Tom, of Boalt Law School:

TLS: Boalt has a very high percentage of female students, such as 58% recently. Does gender play any role in admission?

Dean Tom: “57% of this year’s entering class are women. We have had more women than men in recent entering classes, that’s right. But you know, 209 says that we can’t take sex into account either.”

TLS: Well, women generally do better in college.

Dean Tom: “I have read a lot of articles in major newspapers about how, in general, there are more women than men in college these days, and that they are doing better than men in college. So, I’m expecting this trend to continue.”

In other words: Women are doing better in college, so they’re doing better at Boalt. All is as it should be. Nothing to see here.


What about engineering? Well, consider this article, detailing some Harvey Mudd cunt’s efforts to feminize engineering:

In the U.S., women hold less than 25 percent of jobs in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields, according to the Commerce Dept. Klawe has “actually moved the numbers,” says Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook. “In the midst of what is a very serious employment issue in the country, there’s a field here that’s dying for more very well qualified people.”

In other words: Men are doing better in the STEM fields, so that needs to be changed.

Now, you might ask: “Doesn’t Sandberg (an excellent reason to kill your FB account, BTW) have a point? Aren’t more engineers good? Well, maybe. But is the Harvey Mudd cunt actually recruiting more women or just displacing men? We need not labor in ignorance, friends! Here’s the chart:

Bitch has just been feminizing the dep’t. There aren’t any more engineers, just more engineers with tits.


The rule in this society is: Male overperformance is a problem to be solved, female overperformance (however arrived at) is something to be celebrated.

This society can go fuck itself.

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2 Responses to Engineering vs. Law

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  2. P Ray says:

    Lower the standards, for more females to pass.
    (I’m not saying women can’t be engineers …
    I’m simply saying, most can’t, under the stringent conditions of examinations where doing things right, and being right, rather than grading on a curve to satisfy PC BS.)
    Law is an easy choice for the women who love to argue.
    Whether they argue well is dependent on the person doing the marking.
    Where will all the jobs be coming from though?

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