Don’t Drop Out

A word to any men feeling demoralized by a society that clearly hates them: Don’t drop out. Stand in, work hard, accumulate capital, and then let the motherfucker burn.

The Beta: Backbone of Society

It’s a generally accepted truth in the manosphere that civilization was built by the Beta male, incentivized by novel social customs (monogamy) that granted him a wife and family of his very own in defiance of the natural order of male polygyny and female hypergamy. Absent those incentives, as in the distant past, and ever more so in the present, Betas throttle back their efforts to the bare minimum necessary for their own survival and amusement. Such a minimum level of output is not compatible with a functioning society.

Feminism Kills the Goose

With the advent of feminism, female hypergamy was once again unleashed through the normalization of serial monogamy, and the stealthy abolition of marriage via the introduction of unilateral no-fault divorce, community property, and de-facto default mother custody. As a “family” increasing came to be defined as “a mother and her children”, men became less and less interested in assuming the traditional burdens of adulthood. This latter phenomenon has been the subject of much recent caterwauling, as (many) women begin to bemoan the shortage of sexy, successful, single men for them to marry, and (a few) perceptive souls begin to wonder how a society that is already aging its way into a demographic crisis can cope with the additional problem of a generation of slackers.


The manosphere reactions to all this can be placed into three rough categories:

  1. Shake it off, and MAN UP! (Trad Cons)
  2. LOL! How you like it now, bitches?! (Vengeful balls of rage)
  3. Enjoy the decline! (Hedonists)

While I fully support the notion that a man owes nothing to a society that wishes to reduce him to a beast of burden, let me gently suggest that you still might want to consider forgoing the pussy, xbox, booze, and pot for a bit, and instead get your nose to the grindstone.


The reality is that money, to a great extent, is power and freedom. Money lets you travel the world, and live how and where you want. (For instance: Did you know the US basically sells green cards for $500K a pop? Other countries offer similar programs, usually at a considerable discount.) Money lets you solve problems that would otherwise cause you great inconvenience. And money lets you buy influence, and gives you the time to exploit it.

Roosh wrote the other day that:

There are organized movements in Western nations to eradicate gender, particularly masculinity. Losing this war will make it all but impossible for you to find a feminine woman who wants to serve your needs.

Don’t you want to hit these sons of bitches back? Well, to do that, you’ll need a weapon. Money is a very good (though hardly the only) weapon.

I don’t encourage you to work hard for the good of society, or out of any sense of responsibility. I encourage you to work hard, spend little, and pile up capital for your own good. Make hay while the sun shines.

Practical Advice

I recommend that you turn your attention to the STEM fields. These are the least feminized parts of our economy, and therefore the least repugnant to a man; they are also reasonably remunerative, relatively cheap to enter, and of practical value in any soon-to-come Mad Max future.

Medicine is practical, but expensive to enter, heavily regulated, and somewhat feminized. Law and banking are expensive to enter, heavily regulated, somewhat feminized, and not all that remunerative in the average case. The military sucks ass, but can give you a leg up on your career as an aspiring warlord.

The trades (e.g. electricians, plumbers) are not to be overlooked.

Try to spend only 40% of what you bring home. In 16 years (assuming 5% returns, and a 40% tax rate) you’ll earn enough interest to not have to work at all. 16 years might seem like a long time — and it sort of is — but it’s only a part of your life. And afterwards, you’ll be as free as any man can be.

Absent property, you’re at the mercy of people who hate you. Don’t drop out. Take what’s yours, then leave.

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1 Response to Don’t Drop Out

  1. jesse says:

    All that hard work but you’re still paying taxes. Those tax dollars further support the system your earnings are supposed to be intended to overthrow. This revolution shit is a crock. Lot of internet talk. Why dont you put down the blog and get busy Che style?

    Or just walk out. Pay no more taxes. Take your expertise and skills and hardworking attitude to another country. Raise a family and protect it from the West. 80% of the world has not become America. Its a big place and varied politically and economically. If you want socialism there are socialist countries, communist countries, places of lawless anarchy, all sorts of places. But why stick around America and complain and demand to change to the way you want it, when you have the freedom to leave tomorrow?

    Absolutely agree with learning the trades though. Those are timeless skills and actually well-paid and in demand with better job security.

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