One of the most mystifying feminist lies is that rape is “motivated by hostility and dislike for the opposite sex“. Just to puncture that in two little words: “prison rape“.

Root Causes

Rape is an aberration, and almost certainly triggered by a number of things. At bottom, however, we’ll find simple horniness, just as simple covetousness underlies robbery. Don’t believe me? Well, have a look at 2008 victimization rates for “rape/sexual assault” from the DOJ (Table 3):

12-15 1.6
16-19 2.2
20-24 2.1
25-34 0.7
35-49 0.8
50-64 0.2
65+ 0.2

It’s sort of eerie how that curve mirrors female sexual attractiveness, isn’t it?


Why, in defiance of Occam’s Razor, do feminists insist on peddling their absurd lie? I think that there are two reasons. The less interesting one is that feminists are wedded to the idea that no woman should ever be held accountable for the negative consequences of her actions. If rape is fundamentally triggered by sexual arousal, then a woman who behaves in a sexually provocative manner is contributing, practically if not morally, to her own victimization. In other words, there are negative consequences for dressing and acting like a slut, and such a reality is repugnant to the feminist mindset. So: deny, deny, deny.

The more interesting reason for the feminist lie is that they don’t realize that they’re lying. For women, male dominance, sexual arousal, and sexual intercourse really are all tangled up into one big moist ball. Consider this report, helpfully summarized by our friend Roissy thusly:

62%. That’s a majority, folks. A majority of women fantasize on average four times per year about being forcefully and nonconsensually penetrated. Nearly two out of ten women fantasize about rape at least once a week. If that doesn’t convince you of the animal nature of women’s sexuality and their deepest desire to submit to a more powerful lover, nothing will.

In other words, the reason that feminists say this particular stupid thing is that, from their perspective, it’s true. When they think about rape (and they do!), the appeal (and it’s there!) isn’t the sex, it’s the domination, hostility, and contempt.

Never underestimate the explanatory power of female solipsism.

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  1. Hamster Tamer says:

    Lulz… GOLD insights!

    From someone who’s been through the FRA wringer:


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